Plat Principal

Fruits de Mer

Sole Française

Egg dipped, sautée, citrus beurre blanc, capers, jasmine rice 29

Gratin d’Espadon

Grilled swordfish, basil – parmesan glaze, fried mash potatoes 32

D’Amour de Mer

Lobster, shrimp and scallops, garlic, tomato, scallions, basil, Evoo, linguini 34


Dayboat scallops, pan-seared, creamy sweet pea and shiitake risotto, butternut squash 34

Wester Ross Saumon

Pan – roasted Wester Ross Salmon, honey-dill glaze, asparagus, coconut jasmine rice 31

Morue Rôtie

Baked cod, shaved fennel, grape tomatoes, sweet peppers, white wine, herbs, jasmine rice 30


Viandes et Volailles

D’agneau Jarret Braise 

Domestic lamb shank, braised, red wine, garlic, rosemary, mashed potatoes 35

Filet Mignon

Center cut 8 oz. grilled, Port wine sauce, Roquefort cheese, scalloped potatoes 36

Saltimbocca de Veau

Veal scaloppini, sage, proscuitto, Fontina cheese, Marsala sauce pommes dauphinois 34

Canard Deux Facons

Grilled breast of duck, leg confit, raspberry sauce, braised red cabbage, jasmine rice 34

Foie de Veau

Grilled calves liver, caramelized onions, smoked bacon, madeira sauce, mashed potatoes 26

 Poulet aux Champignon

Boneless breast of chicken, assorted mushrooms, prosciutto, marsala, mashed potatoes 26

* Any of our meats and fish may be prepared simply upon request

*All entrees come with the chef’s choice of vegetables

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